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Morning (Growly Trilogy #3)

Morning (Growly Trilogy #3)

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Sometimes the greatest adventure takes you further than you could imagine. Growly, Chippy, and Tully have braved the Ocean and a mysterious ruined city to find C.J., the elder bear who disappeared many years before. Now, with time running out, the friends must search for clues to find a way back up The Precipice. As their journey takes them into places unknown, Growly is about to realize sometimes the greatest adventure is finding the way back home.

Morning is the third book in The Growly Books series. Written for the 8-12 year old reading level, it is also a captivating read-aloud for younger children and will appeal to anyone who appreciates stories of adventure and friendship. This 274-page paperback book contains 32 chapters and 15 illustrations.

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