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The Growly Trilogy

The Growly Trilogy

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Included in this bundle:

  • Begin (The Growly Trilogy #1)
  • Widewater (The Growly Trilogy #2)
  • Morning (The Growly Trilogy #3)

About the Growly Trilogy:

For centuries the bears of Haven have lived quiet lives, high in the mountains at the edge of the great Precipice. That all changes for a young cub named Growly when he receives a mysterious message. With just his backpack and glider, Growly sets out on a desperate journey to find his grandfather's long lost friend . . . and to find a way back home.

Begin is the first book in The Growly Trilogy. The story continues in the second and third books, Widewater and Morning. Written for the 8-12 year old reading level, it is also a captivating read aloud for younger children. 


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